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We present on the referenced pages samples of the ceramics found on the Timperley Old Hall moated site which may assist others in identifying ceramics found on other sites and to assist us in our attempts to identify the source of these pots. The small sample on the left shows a typical style. Click on the sample for the page showing more detailed examples.

This part of the website is under development  only a few samples are currently being displayed more will be added to as soon as photos can be organised


Medieval Pottery c 15th Century


   Medieval Pottery c 15th Century

   Tudor Green (reduced greenware) - 15th century to early 17th century

   Midland Purple - late 15th - 16th Century

  Tin glazed pottery - 16th century

   Cistercian Wares - 16th to mid 17th Century




    Iron glazed earthenwares - 17th to 18th century

   Manganese stained iron glazed earthenwares - 17th - 18 century

   Trailed slip decorated iron glazed earthenwares  17th - 18th century

   Midland Yellow Wares -  17th to 18th Century
  Featherware (slip decorated) - 17th to 18th Centuries